All I can say is, it was REALLY AWESOME while it lasted. I'm surprised with the viewership and income TG UK represented to the BBC that they couldn't find a way to deal with it and keep him on board. I can't imagine any possible reconfiguration of TG succeeding as that is a virtually impossible track record to compete… » 3/25/15 1:28am Wednesday 1:28am

hard to imagine being in a financial position to, in all probability, shovel that $60m straight into the kiln. I root for underdogs, but unless somebody taints everyone elses fuel supply I'm not real confident they'll be on the grid come race day with the 107% rule. » 3/02/15 10:08pm 3/02/15 10:08pm

The Motorola Droid Maxx HD I just retired was a 2012 phone I bought almost exactly two years ago. It had a solid two days of battery life out of the box and even now It was still good for a day and a half of fairly heavy use. This should be the benchmark for any phone with a non-serviceable battery, that way the… » 3/02/15 11:05am 3/02/15 11:05am