hard to imagine being in a financial position to, in all probability, shovel that $60m straight into the kiln. I root for underdogs, but unless somebody taints everyone elses fuel supply I'm not real confident they'll be on the grid come race day with the 107% rule. » 3/02/15 10:08pm Monday 10:08pm

The Motorola Droid Maxx HD I just retired was a 2012 phone I bought almost exactly two years ago. It had a solid two days of battery life out of the box and even now It was still good for a day and a half of fairly heavy use. This should be the benchmark for any phone with a non-serviceable battery, that way the… » 3/02/15 11:05am Monday 11:05am

I keep thinking every time I see it that it looks the same to me but once I saw the old and new side by side the differences would be obvious. Nope, not much different at all. I loved how the first one looked unique amongst supercars, but now its starting to look very dated, like the NSX. » 2/26/15 4:45pm 2/26/15 4:45pm

a trillion dollar industry sounds big enough to cripple the economy if it goes bad. All it takes is a sudden jump in defaults and repos while simultaneously creating a large group of people that have lost their main source of transportation, job loss, a flood of used vehicles on the market and sudden drop in car… » 2/24/15 11:42am 2/24/15 11:42am

hey it's not nice to hope someone crashes a car, no matter how much you think they don't deserve it. I just hope she drives it once, realizes how dangerous it is, and leaves it in the garage. Definitely we should scratch lil wayne off the dad of the year list. » 2/17/15 3:26pm 2/17/15 3:26pm

lots of customer feedback on the WRX says it tends to do better than it's EPA ratings, where the opposite has been the case with the 4-cyl Genesis Coupe, which is probably not included in this list because it was discontinued for this model year. Some 4-cyl engines do great on the highway due to aerodynamics and… » 2/16/15 2:32pm 2/16/15 2:32pm

not likely a loaded top trim Malibu would be on the rental circuit. Excellent work formulating a defense for the poor bastard that got the ticket! Surely there is a margin of error that increases at higher speeds. Didn't someone see the officer running at the defendants vehicle as he operated the radar gun?… » 2/11/15 2:31am 2/11/15 2:31am